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Fuel knowledge sharing in your dev teams

Realtime docs, wiki, diagrams, changelogs, API descriptors, Swagger, todos & more.

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Fast growing startups Love and Trust us


We'll do the heavy lifting for you!

Experience flow with less meetings and distractions

Slack & email are for quick forgettable communication, Archbee is for sharing your hard earned long term knowledge within your team.

Increase employee happiness and productivity after just a couple of months of using our product.

Build your high performance team

To help your team focus on high value work, we're building a reading suggestion engine that continuously learns to help new employees onboard faster, and veterans get to the truth easier.

Have your documents looking great in real time

We're bringing the power of collaborative editing to your team!

Compose text, diagrams, APIs, Swagger/OpenAPI, photos, videos, and more to create the perfect knowledge base. Check out our blog (which is powered by Archbee)

Diagrams: Drag, Drop, Done

We provide you with a large repository of open-source technologies, libraries and services.

Find what you're looking for, drag, drop and you're done – it's that simple.

A boon to technical teams

Archbee helps tech teams blend in, cross-pollinate and accelerate your company’s growth.

We've got plans to let your team generate Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, GCP, Azure configuration files from your architecture diagrams.

Fully integrated to Slack

We're the perfect complement to Slack, so we've built out to be as close to your team as possible.

Enjoy seamless on-site or remote team collaboration.

Easy setup   |   Free account
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