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If you think education is expensive - try ignorance! The value of your organisation is your people, your processes and your personality (brand). Archbee offers an intuitive and very easy to use platform so your business can grow without you. If you want to run an organisation with self managing teams that can implement and execute, if you want a culture of sharing and improving. If you want to scale - Then Archbee is a great tool. John Hollands BSc MIDM MCIM MD RWP GROUP
We needed to create professional technical documentation were looking for a fast, affordable, and easy to use platform. Not only did Archbee fit the bill with its ease of use, intuitive interface, and internal authoring and versioning, but also allowed us to share externally with our customers seamlessly. With new features being added, it keeps getting better and better…way to go Archbee! Greg Soltys, VersaFile docuflow Product Manager