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Launch checklist

Use this template for all of your launches to ensure all stakeholders are aligned. Adapt it to your company's processes and save it your team templates by clicking on the three dots on the right.

Launch date: March 21st, 2020

Owner: @bobby

Stakeholders: @johnny @clare @bobby

Launch readiness

Has the feature shipped?

Is pricing finalized?

Marketing brief

Product @bobby

What is the feature / product? How does it functionally work?

Customer @johnny

Who is the customer? (what is the customer persona(s)?)

Competitors @clare

What is the competitive landscape and how does this compare?

Positioning @clare @bobby

The value prop, how does this feature solve the customer’s problem?

Sign ups: Downloads: Press Mentions: View: Revenue:


Sign ups:


Press mentions:



Positioning review

Have the following groups sign off on the marketing brief before spinning up other resources:

Legal Product Product Marketing Exec team (depends on tier of launch)




Exec team (depends on tier launch)