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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this service free?

At this stage, we are focused on building a great product, and we'll figure out pricing later.

Why isn't this open source?

We plan on making the product open core, like Redis, Elastic, Docker or GitLab.
We cannot make any promises as to when this will happen.

Can I run this on my own infrastructure?

We plan to allow you to run this software on-prem.
We cannot make any promises as to when this will happen.

What type of support is offered?

We offer email support to all customers through our live chat Monday - Friday from 9 AM - 5 PM EST.

Are there migration services available?

There sure are! We know that changing documentation tools can feel like you’re moving houses. So consider us your professional movers. We’ll lift items from your existing tool, move them, and set them back up inside Archbee. We’ll make sure we leave it even nicer than your last home.

How are you using my data?

We collect usage events that help us improve our product over time. We will never share any data of yours with third party companies or governments.

Who owns the documents my team/company creates?

Your company does. At any point in time, at your request we will provide you an exported file with any kind of data we hold and/or destroy it and all of its backups.

What do I need in order to use it?

Archbee works in any recent browser. An account is required. You can create a free one here:
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