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How does the reseller system work?

Step 1 - Join us as a reseller.

Step 2 - Set up your own website, your own prices. Members will signup on your website and pay you.

Step 3 - Once they pay you, purchase a signup coupon from our website and provide them.

Step 4 - Now they can use that coupon and join our website.

Has this solution been Whitelabel?

This solution is partially Whitelabel, your customers will not know that we are behind that system, they will use our services just like they are using yours.

How access will be provided to users?

it will be provided with once click access. No software is a need, no RDP will be needed.

Do I need to pay instant to provide an account to my customer?

Yes, you need to pay us, like for ahrefs our price is $10, you pay us $7 and we provide you a coupon to get access.

How much does it cost to be a reseller?

Absolutely nothing, you can join it for free

How much I can make a profit per tool I sell?

We provide 30% Profit Margin. For example, in our website we sell Ahrefs for $10, then you make $3 per sale you make. Similarly, if someone purchases Ahrefs from you at $10, you make $3 profit per sale.

Where can I see my sales?

You have your own website, members will pay you there, we have no link with your sales and support system

How do I pay you?

Google Pay, Bitcoin, Local and International Bank Transfer, UPI, Easy Paisa, Payoneer, Skrill or via PayPal.

How much can I earn?

Its totally depend on you, you have the freedom to set up your own prices, you can bring as much customer as you want to earn.

Note: You need to provide us with your website link and pricing so that we can verify and provide you. No coupon will be provided if you don't have any website setup with pricing.

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