What's new in Archbee

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What’s new in Archbee

Added Go, Kotlin, F# syntax highlighters and autocomplete in our code editor plugin;

Fixed CSS and PowerShell syntax in our code editor plugin;

Updated diagram plugin with 200 items now totaling 65000. Among added: Pulumi, VueJS, Gatsby, Google Cloud, Laravel and more;

Improved diagram plugin performance on Safari;

Added shortcuts for toggling focus mode and edit mode;

Migrated our payment system to new Stripe UI components from Stripe Checkout;

Improved performance for drag and drop reordering of document trees;

Fixed bug on Deep Search not finding associated tags for documents;

Overall UI improvement and performance updates for hosted spaces;

Fixed Swagger UI clicks scrolling the screen up;

What’s coming next month?

Our GitHub integration is now in development.

What can you do with it? 

  • Authenticate with your Github account;
  • Hooking up your git repo to a space generates docs from your markdown files. This way you can write your docs in git and keep a nice view of them in Archbee;

From our blog:

We wrote a piece of content “10 open source tech you should take a look at, before 2020”

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