Pollie API docs

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Prefix: /api/v1

Type is either "client" or "provider", case-insensitive.

All requests must be made via SSL.

GET /ping

Params: -

Returns an empty JSON body with response code 200.

Designed to check whether the API server is up.

GET /auth

Params: type, uid, pw

Get an auth token with indefinite validity.

Will generate a new auth token if none is present.

Will re-use an existing auth token.

Token can be invalidated at any time by another client via the DELETE method.

pw must contain the user's clear-text password.

DELETE /auth

Params: uid, token

Invalidate auth token.

GET /profile

Params: type, uid, token

Get client/provider profile.

GET /messages

Params: type, uid, token

Get all messages for a client or provider.

Result is unsorted.

The backend will do a uid to full name lookup.

POST /messages

Params (in query string): uid, token

Params (in request body, application/x-www-form-urlencoded): to, body

Send a message from the currently authenticated user to the recipient uid specified in the "to" parameter, containing "body" as message body.

GET /client/matches

Params: uid, token

Get matching providers for client.

The result will contain the 10 highest scoring providers.

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