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Organization object is representing a general company profile.


id string, optional Unique identifier for the object.
name string Business name.
code string Unique identifier for platform management tracking, the code is defined by management team.
slug string The part of the URL that uniquely identifies a organization.
country string Two-letter ISO code representing the country of the incorporation.
tagline string Tag-line of the organization
type string Organization type, one of General, Platform, Sponsor, InstitutionalFirm.
available boolean Whether or not open the organization profile for public, if yes the profile page will be available for anyone to visit, otherwise the page will show 404 Not Found error
logo string, value is URL The logo image URL, please make sure the image is hosted on Denzity's CDN.
backgroundImage string, value is URL The background image shown in top section of profile page, please make sure the image is hosted on Denzity's CDN.
yearFounded number, year Year of founding
companySize string The company size, One of 1-10, 11-30, 31-50, 51+
website string, value is URL The URL of the organization's website
headquarterAddress string The organizaiton's headquarter address
contactNumber string The organizaiton's phone number
email string The organizaiton's email address.
about string Organization introduction.
others string An arbitrary string attached to the object.
disclaimers string Including a information of terms and condition, copyright and regulation, etc...
coreTeamIntroduction string A introduction of the organzation core team.
coreMembers list Core tem members information. - profilePicture string, url - name string - role string - bio string
socialMedia list Organization's social media. - type string, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn - url string, url
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