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Document Chat is here

by Dragos Bulugean
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Alright, last quarter is here, we've been busy.

Last month we launched Document Chat. It's the beginning of making our product an all in one platform for team collaboration.

But... why? 

Slack channels aren't cutting to the bone of productivity as we all noticed, and we believe this is because collaboration doesn't happen in a void.

Teams collaborate on ideas, knowledge, documentation, meeting minutes, playbooks and more. We've had this covered, and many of you -- our customers, large and small, asked us to provide a way to chat in realtime, but for a long while, we felt that wasn't our vision. 

Until we've realized that while each piece of knowledge is central to a team's development, real-time chat is also very important to many situations.

This is why each document in Archbee now has a chat channel behind it. And not any type of chat channel. We created the chat technology from scratch -- specific to our platform, so document content blocks can be mentioned in the chat to make discussions a lot easier and intuitive. And even nicer features are coming.

As our dear customers who've tested this in beta said -- this is the beginning of something big. Help us with your feedback to further develop this, and we'll touch the sky together.

We have also iterated on our pricing plans. In addition to our free plan, we now offer industry-leading value per dollar with $3 per user on our Growing plan, and $5 per user on our Scaling plan, all with unlimited content for your team and your product. Also, for a limited time (until October 25th), I will personally provide you with a 35% discount coupon for your team's first year on Archbee. Ask me for the coupon on my email when you are ready to buy. Or in our Intercom in the app :)

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Dragos Bulugean
Dragos Bulugean
Dragos is the founder of Archbee.
Hit him up on Twitter, LinkedIn or mail