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Looking for a Evernote alternative?

You’ve come to the right place. It’s time for your team to join the 21st century when it comes to organizing and sharing technical knowledge.

Realtime collab, #no-save-button!
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Easy setup   |   Free Account   |   No Credit Card Required


Your team needs a knowledge base that's easy & fun to use

Using a generic knowledge base software like Evernote leads to out-of-date content, limited use, and limited overall value. Our focus on essential features for software engineering, clean layout, and easy to use interfaces makes an easy Evernote alternative your team actually wants to use.


Get an experience tailored to your team, not one that is a generic catch-all.

We've built features that help your engineers thrive and document with pleasure. Architecture diagrams, Swagger, GraphQL, APIs, maps and more...


Looking for information? Editing something? Faster is better.

Knowledge workers spend a lot of time searching for information and collaborating internally, according to a study by McKinsey&Company up to 33% of the average work week. Imagine adding new information would be a breeze instead of a pain with our realtime editor. Deep search your knowledge base in milliseconds.

Easy setup   |   Free Account   |   No Credit Card Required
Easy setup   |   Free Account   |   No Credit Card Required

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of support is offered?

We offer support to customers through our live chat (bottom-right), or at
We try to answer any question in less than 30 minutes.

How secure is Archbee?

We use daily backups, encryption in transit and at rest, a PCI Service Provider Level 1 payment processor (Stripe),
and Google Cloud to keep your data safe.

Are there migration services available?

There sure are! We know that changing documentation tools can feel like you’re moving houses. So consider us your professional movers. We’ll lift items from your existing tool, move them, and set them back up inside Archbee. We’ll make sure we leave it even nicer than your last home.

How are you using my data?

We collect usage events that help us improve our product over time. We will never share any data of yours with third party companies or governments.

Who owns the documents my team/company creates?

Your company does.
At any point in time, at your request, we will provide you an exported file with any kind of data we hold and/or destroy it and all of its backups.

Can we negotiate a custom contract for my company?

Yes, if none of the plans fit your situation, we are open to learn and construct a custom plan.

Can I add more people to my plan after setting up payment?

Yes, you can do that in the team management section. Your next invoice will adjust accordingly.

What happens if I am not satisfied with my Archbee purchase?

If you're not satisfied with Archbee - product or service, we offer a refund within your first paid month. No questions asked.

What happens if my company stops paying?

Because we've been partners, we will keep your workspace alive. But we'll make it read-only.

What do I need in order to use it?

Archbee works in any recent browser. An account is required. You can create one (for free) here:

We love your software, but we would like some custom features for our enterprise needs.

We can also do custom development for your company on top of our SaaS platform.
The solution we deliver can be hosted fully on-premise or in a hybrid-cloud where only you have access to your data but we guarantee system uptime.

Sounds great. But isn't custom software development expensive?

Normally it is, but our platform is built in a component-oriented architecture.
This allows us to deliver cost-efficient and time-efficient solutions to our customers.