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Product docs on your domain
Build developer & API docs
Manage team knowledge
Document internal processes
Onboard & train teammates
Become remote friendly
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Efficient work, without being always on

Create, structure and share knowledge for your team and customers,
without painful integrations and going back and forth 5+ different tools.
Archbee is the new way

The only solution that unsiloes developer teams

Developers hate workflow-interrupting software, for good reason. That's why what we've built is 100% asynchronous.

Collaborative editor

You'll never again hit save just to find out there's a conflict.

All actions are synced in realtime so your team collaborates freely and efficiently.

Build up your team on different floors, buildings, countries, timezones or continents.
Archbee feature

Native diagrams

Drag and drop from over 250.000 libraries, SaaS, APIs and cloud services.

Our tech is not based around some simple boring text editor.

We've built native diagramming capabilities, and more.

You can also build diagrams via Mermaid syntax (markdown flavor).
Archbee feature


The best teams write down and share their knowledge.

Second best teams communicate a lot.

This is why we've built realtime document chat with mentions of team mates, documents, document blocks.
Archbee feature

Import Swagger/OpenAPI spec

In a world where tech teams are a big part of our companies, we provide easy ways to API documentation.

Swagger, the world's most popular API and documentation technology is native to our platform.

Just point our SwaggerUI component to your api.json and you're done.
Archbee feature

GraphiQL for modern API workflows

Once upon a time people thought GraphQL was only hype. Not anymore.

With our native GraphiQL, your team will never have to host your GraphQL site again.

Just point our GraphiQL component to your GraphQL endpoint and you're done.
Archbee feature

Semantic searching

Find out where information lies using our blazing fast search technology.

We're constantly improving our search engine, adding a machine learning powered search.
Archbee feature

Real code editor

Tech teams often get together and sketch out code. They play around with different APIs until they find the right one.

This is why we've embedded the world's best code editor, Monaco from Visual Studio Code.

Enjoy syntax highlighting for over 60 programming languages, code completions and even type checking.
Archbee feature

Share your knowledge to your customers

The best teams put their customers first.

This means they compile the best know-how about their product.

We generate & host your docs on your own domain with managed SSL.

Share the site publicly, protect it with a password, or create guest-accounts.
Archbee feature

Easy setup, easy adoption

Add your team from Slack or Google Suite.
Import your current docs from other platforms.
Microsoft WordMarkdownGoogle DocsConfluence
Many of your other tools are already integrated.
TrelloGithub GistAirtableInvisionIntercom

What our customers say

Greg Soltys, Versafile
Alex Circei, CEO Waydev
Scott Wickberg, Owner WickCreative
Delphine Marceau, Portfoliobox
"With just a couple of people at our tech startup, it was easy to keep everything undocumented.

Once we started scaling, things got tough and we needed a modern solution for knowledge documentation.

When we found Archbee on ProductHunt, it fit us like a glove, because of the huge number of features for technical teams!

Archbee is really fast and integrates with a lot of our existing tools.

The perfect tool to support us in building a distributed world-class team."
Alex Circei, CEO
Alex Circei
"Archbee makes building our docs enjoyable, and I'm a developer, so you know that's saying something.

At WickCreative, the documentation we create for our customers gives us the edge.

With Archbee, it's easy to create and share docs using the free guest accounts and domains with SSL.

The Archbee team is also constantly bringing new features to the platform, it's pretty exciting."
Scott Wickberg, Owner & Creative Director
Scott Wickberg
"Archbee is a very flexible documentation tool. We use it as a knowledge base for our customer care team.

The interface is clean and very easy to use. It has everything we would expect from a team wiki.

I particularly like the table of content which helps you find what you need in a long document.

Plus the team constantly implement new features and add-ons!"
Delphine Marceau, Customer Care Head
Delphine Marceau
"We needed to create professional technical documentation and were looking for a fast, and easy to use platform.

Not only did Archbee fit the bill with its ease of use, intuitive interface, and internal authoring and versioning, but also allowed us to share externally with our customers seamlessly.

With new features being added, it keeps getting better and better… way to go Archbee!"
Greg Soltys, docuflow Product Manager at VersaFile
Greg Soltys

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